Prizes & Awards: Frequently Asked Questions

For All Questions

Please contact us at with any questions or concerns.

We recommend reviewing SIAM's Prize Policies & Guidelines before submitting a nomination or participating on a selection committee.

All prizes must receive at least 3 new nominations in order to be awarded; every nomination counts!

For Nominators

How do I submit a nomination? 

You must be logged in to submit a nomination. To log in, you will need a SIAM ID and password. Select "SIAM Account Single Sign On" from the log in option menu. You will be redirected to the SIAM Single Sign On screen and will need your SIAM credentials. 

If you do not have a SIAM account you can create one by visiting

Creating a SIAM account is free and you do not need to be a member. If you already have an account and do not remember your password, you can reset it by visiting

Please note that if you do not use your SIAM ID to log in, we will remove your nomination.

Why is the prize that I'm looking for not appearing in the drop-down box?

If a prize is not appearing as an option in the drop-down menu, that likely means it is not currently accepting new nominations. Please check the specific prize page to see when the award will be accepting nominations again.

Please note that several prizes do not have a formal nomination process. To submit a recommendation for the I.E. Block Community Lecture, John von Neumann Prize, or SIAM Prize for Distinguished Service to the Profession, click here

Some joint prizes are managed by other organizations. Please check the specific prize page for more information. For example, the AWM-SIAM Sonia Kovalevsky Lecture will begin accepting nominations on August 1 via the AWM website.

Can I make a nomination for a prize that is closed?

No; you must wait until the prize is open to accept new nominations. 

If you select a prize that is not currently accepting new nominations from the drop-down menu, you will not be able to proceed.

Can I submit a self-nomination?

Yes, self-nominations are accepted. However, please note that the nomination is more effective if a colleague makes the nomination. 

For prizes that require a letter of recommendation, the letter needs to be written by another person, such as a colleague, advisor, supervisor, etc.

Are there format limitations for submitted documents?

All documents MUST be submitted in PDF format. 

Letters of recommendation/support should be submitted on official letterhead from the letter writer's organization. 

Key papers must be written in English and published in a peer-reviewed journal. For many prizes, the eligibility guidelines enforce a range for the paper's publication date. 

At this time, there is no page limit for documents submitted unless otherwise noted in the prize eligibility requirements. Please check the specific prize's guidelines to be sure.

How do carryforward nominations work?

If your nomination is not selected for the award, it may be eligible to be carried forward for the next cycle of the award. SIAM keeps nominations active for a second cycle as long as the candidate remains eligible. 

Please note that the eligibility requirements for some prizes may preclude carryforward nominations. SIAM staff will contact you if your nomination is eligible for consideration for a second cycle. 

You can update your nomination with new documents (CV, letter(s) of support, key paper, etc.) You can send any updated materials to and we can update the nomination for you, or you can completely re-submit the nomination yourself.

For Selection Committees

Am I allowed to participate in a nomination package?

No, not for the prize you will be judging; this is a direct conflict of interest. Participating in a nomination package includes submitting a nomination, writing a letter of support, being an co-author of a nominated paper, and/or canvassing for nominations. We ask that you do not participate in any nominations for your selection committee's prize; otherwise, we will ask you to step off the committee.

However, you ARE more than welcome to participate in nominations for other prizes that you are not reviewing. 

How do I complete my implicit bias training?

Please follow the instructions sent to you via email to complete the training. There are two video options followed by a brief survey; the entire training should take about 10 - 15 minutes.

How do I access the nominations for review?


What do I do if I have a conflict of interest with one or more nominees?

If you believe you have a conflict of interest as outlined in the Guidelines for Conflict of Interest for Prize Selection Committees, please contact as soon as possible so that we can review your conflict(s) and determine the best course of action. Please do not proceed further with committee work until your conflict has been resolved. 

What is expected of the committee?

The committee is responsible for reviewing all nominations for their specific prize and determining which nomination best meets the criteria as outlined in the prize specifications. The chair will determine the procedures for reviewing, ranking, and making the final selection of a recipient after all members have been cleared of conflicts of interest. Your discussions should be done via email, phone, and/or video call; it is required for the committee to meet at least once via phone or video call. 

We ask the committee to strongly consider nominees who have never won an award before, and remind you that SIAM does not allow for split prizes; only one nomination package should be recommended to receive the award.

The prize should be given for a single piece of work. The prize may be awarded to multiple individuals but only for contributions to a single piece of their collaborative work, unless otherwise noted in the prize specifications.

How do I submit the committee's final recommendation? 

The chair of the selection committee is responsible for completing the Recipient Recommendation Form for your recommended nomination. Instructions will be sent via email.

For Prize Recipients

How do I know if I received an award and how do I accept it?

The SIAM President or chair of the prize selection committee will contact you about the award. To accept, please respond to their email and copy on your response. You will also be asked to complete an ethics self-disclosure. You must formally accept the award AND complete a self-disclosure before the award can proceed.

Non-winning nominations are contacted by the SIAM office. 

What are the next steps for my award?

SIAM staff will reach out to you after you have accepted the award and completed a self-disclosure. The Prizes & Awards Coordinator will provide more information about the award, including details about the associated conference. If you are giving a talk for the prize, SIAM conference staff will also contact you to request information. 

Please note that we strongly prefer that prize recipients attend the associated conference in-person, especially if they are delivering a talk. If you accept the award, please keep this in mind.

Can I publicize my award once I have accepted?

Please wait until SIAM staff has contacted you and provided further instructions. While SIAM does not keep the names of most of its prize recipients embargoed, we typically do ask that you wait a few days before telling others so that we can contact the non-winning nominations and update the prize page. Certain prizes may be embargoed until the presentation date. 

SIAM will publicize your award closer to the associated conference date in a personalized Spotlight article; please complete the information request sent to you as soon as possible.

My award includes travel reimbursement; what is covered?

If your award covers travel to/from the associated conference, your registration is complimentary and SIAM will reimburse you for reasonable expenses incurred in your travel to/from the conference. This can include transportation (air and/or ground), your hotel accommodations, and meals. We ask that you pay for these items up front and then submit for reimbursement. Please maintain all receipts relevant to your travel to submit after the conference; charges submitted without receipts are not eligible for reimbursement. Reimbursements and expense reports must be submitted within 30 days of the last day of the conference. 

Please note that your reimbursement will be sent as a paper check via mail 4-6 weeks after you submit your documents. If you are not based in the United States, you may request a wire transfer instead.

SIAM staff will reach out to you with more information specific to the conference you will be attending; every conference is different.

I won an award as part of a team; how does that work?

Your team will need to select one person to serve as a representative to attend the conference and give the talk (if applicable to your award). This person will receive complimentary registration and reimbursement for their travel expenses. Other members of the team are welcome to attend the conference at their own expense.

All recipients regardless of conference attendance will receive a certificate/plaque/medal/etc. if that is part of the award. All recipient names will be included in the award Spotlight and on the prize page.

If there is a monetary award, it will be divided equally among the recipients. 

See the specific prize's page for more information.

No FAQ can cover all questions and situations; please contact us at if you have questions or concerns.